HKIoD Symbol of Credit in Director CPD

Fact Sheet

The HKIoD Symbol of Credit in Director CPD (“the Symbol”) is introduced by The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (“HKIoD”) for the following objectives:-
  • Recognising companies that have completed a Board Training Programme of HKIoD and fulfilled the necessary requirement.

  • Promoting Continuing Professional Development ("CPD") for directors to strengthen board competence in responsibilities of corporate governance.

  • Encouraging the pursuit of CPD by directors.

  • Promoting awareness among the public of the significance of director CPD.

Qualifying for the Symbol

A company having engaged HKIoD in a Board Training Programme and fulfilled the necessary requirement for a prescribed time within a year will be granted the Symbol for application in the company’s corporate and promotional materials such as Annual Report, website and any other corporate collateral.  The symbol is scaled in accordance with training time as follows:-

Guidelines on the Application of the Symbol

  1. After qualifying for an HKIoD Symbol of Credit in Director CPD, a company will receive an Authorisation Letter as a proof of eligibility to use the Symbol. Accordingly, the eligible company may adopt the authorised Symbol in its corporate and promotional materials such as Annual Report of the relevant year, website and other corporate collateral.

  2. The Symbol carries the qualifying year, whereas the Authorisation Letter carries the qualifying date. The authorisation in the adoption of the Symbol is effective from the qualifying date until the end of the eligible company’s financial year that the qualifying date falls within.

  3. Soft copies of the various versions of the Symbol will be forwarded to an eligible company upon authorisation.

  4. The Symbol may be proportionately enlarged or reduced to fit the size of the corporate or promotional material, but alteration of the design and font of the Symbol is not allowed. The eligible company has the option to adopt the positive or negative version of the Symbol in application to its corporate and promotional materials. Note that in the negative version, (a) the black is a sample background colour to reflect the white characters, (b) the actual background colour of the corporate or promotional material is adopted and (c) the two Chinese characters on the white rectangular block should be red.

  5. The display of the Symbol by an eligible company only indicates that it has reached a certain target in fulfilling its director CPD.  It does not indicate that the company’s products and/or services are endorsed by HKIoD. The company may not use the Symbol to express or imply that its products and/or services are endorsed or supplied by HKIoD. The contents of a company’s promotional material bearing the Symbol must be lawful, healthy, wholesome, honest, truthful, and must not contain any defamatory, discriminatory or offensive content.

  6. Besides displaying the Symbol, an eligible company may disclose information on the undertaking of director CPD, eg “The Company has organised director CPD whereby directors completed a Board Training Programme conducted by The Hong Kong Institute of Directors.”

  7. If a company operates as a member of a group and engages the director training for participants of the company only, its affiliated companies (including its parent company, subsidiaries and other related companies) may not concurrently use the Symbol.

  8. Eligible companies are encouraged to email samples of promotional materials using the Symbol to for HKIoD’ information and record.

  9. HKIoD reserves the right to revoke the use of the Symbol by any eligible company which has been convicted of any criminal offence within or outside Hong Kong, or has been found by any relevant statutory body and/or government agency to be responsible for breach of social, moral and/or professional responsibility or for breach of trust to customers or for employing unscrupulous means to promote sale of its products and/or services during the period of using the Symbol.

  10. HKIoD may in its sole discretion decide whether an eligible company’s use of the Symbol has violated these Guidelines, and may at any time demand the eligible company to stop or alter its use of the Symbol.  HKIoD’s interpretation on the provisions of these Guidelines shall be final and conclusive.  In case of dispute, HKIoD has the authority to make final and binding decisions.


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