Significance of Good Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance Essential to Steering Modern World

Mr James Lau  JP, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury:

"Delivery of good corporate governance is rested on the shoulder of responsible and visionary company directors."

Dr the Hon Moses Cheng GBM JP FHKIoD, Hon President and Chairman Emeritus, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors:

"The board of directors of a company is ultimately responsible for corporate governance and makes the decisions that determine the company's prosperity and integrity. It is vital that directors approach their duties with professionalism."

Mr Henry Lai FHKIoD, Chairman, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors:

"Shareholders and stakeholders have become complementary partners of good corporate governance. All parties involved should benefit from the mutual trust derived from good corporate governance. This should further strengthen the competitiveness of, and the international confidence in, Hong Kong as an international financial centre."

Dr Carlye Tsui BBS MBE JP FHKIoD, Chief Executive Officer, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors:

"In fulfilling the ultimate responsibilities of corporate governance, directors must demonstrate leadership in enterprise and integrity. It is pertinent that directors engage in continuing professional development to remain up-to-date with corporate governance practices."


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