Members' Benefits

Outline of Members' Benefits 

HKIoD has acquired a number of benefits for members through special affinity arrangements with various organisations. Such benefits include access to club facilities and special rates for directors' medical check-up programmes, professional services, consumer products and restaurant services.

Access to facilities of the Institute of Directors ("IoD") in the United Kingdom

As HKIoD has been accredited as "Part of the (UK)IoD International Network", HKIoD members are entitled to access the facilities of the IoD in its Pall Mall premises whilst traveling or working in the UK. The facilities include a variety of dining and refreshment venues, well-equipped meeting rooms, internet access and library resources.  Please visit regarding the benefits.
Details of Members' Benefits 

Beauty Care Services
 Clarins Ltd
 Nail Bar Limited
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Institute of Directors (United Kingdom)
Furniture & Household Accessories
 NUOVO Collection
 Information Technology
 iSystems Security Ltd
 Viva Media Company Limited
Professional Service Limited
Wines, Spirits & Delicatessen
 Watson's Wine

Health Care Services
 GRS Health Services Limited


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