Members' Benefits 

Available upon presentation of a valid HKIoD Membership Card

Supplier: Limited
Offer valid until: Further notice

Court Leads - Credit check report based on a court action for reference. There are over 4,000,000 public records collected in the database.

Auto Monitoring - Automatically get a report if the subjects/persons under monitoring become involved in any court actions or any other cases of interest.

Daily List - Daily litigation list via fax or email

Search Services–Company, Land Search or Credit Report

Benefit Details: 
Court Leads: HK$200.00 for 10 checks (50% discount)

Auto Monitoring: HK$1,100.00 per year for 88 subjects (50% discount)

Daily List: HK$720 per year (40% discount)

Search Services: Discount negotiable.

For more information please call 2187 2881

Acknowledgement of special offer: Limited