Chairman's Message

I warmly welcome you to the website of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors. I hope this website will enable you to understand how the Institute can best serve your interest in the pursuit of excellence in directorship.

Over the years, Hong Kong has emerged as an international financial centre. While sound regulatory system and advanced financial infrastructure are the cornerstones of such status, good corporate governance and professional directorship are the necessary elements to maintain and further Hong Kong’s competitiveness in the global market.

The Institute is charged with the responsibility as a culture-builder to promote corporate governance in Hong Kong. Our ultimate goal is to have good governance practice embraced by all types of business, be they large or small, listed companies, private companies or non-profit-distributing organisations.

Long serving directors, practicing and potential directors are most welcome to join the Institute to share their experience, wisdom and vision, which I believe with our collective efforts and comprehensive network will help create a better tomorrow for our corporate world and our financial market at large.


Dr Christopher To FHKIoD
The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

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