Training Courses
  Planning Principles
(1) Nature: Aimed at the training of directors, HKIoD's Prescribed Seminar Courses are planned to deliver contents that are strategic and visionary rather than operational.

(2) Basis: The HKIoD's definition of Core Competencies for Directors forms the basis for the design of Prescribed Seminar Courses.

(3) Mode: Conducted by authorised facilitators, the seminars take the mode of combining (a) lectures and interactive discussion sessions in classes and (b) self-study of handout notes and prescribed reference publications.
(4) Class Size: Each class is restricted to a practicable size as a comfortable group to allow maximum interaction. At times, a class is divided into smaller discussion or assignment groups.
(5) Coverage: Standard components addressed by seminars include (a) principles and theories, (b) new trends and developments and (c) applications or cases related to a particular theme.
(6) Assessments: Although no examination is prescribed for the courses, the practical class size and the interactive nature ensure attendees' understanding and absorption of the curriculum. As appropriate, self-administered tests are given and in certain courses, attendees are required to conduct case discussions within groups and then make presentations of their respective findings.

(7) Languages: Cantonese, English and Putonghua courses are offered.

(8) Accreditation: The HKIoD training courses are planned and developed to achieve accreditation for attendees in (i) membership upgrade (reference Join HKIoD in the Membership section), (ii) membership accreditation scheme of CPD requirement and (iii) post-graduate studies, whereby partial exemption is granted by educational institutes.
(9) Recognition: Members of HKIoD who have completed training to qualify for a Diploma in Company Direction are entitled and encouraged to use the designation "DipCD" after their names. Members of HKIoD who have completed further training to qualify for a Professional Diploma, whether a Professional Diploma in Corporate Governance & Directorship (for Listed & to be Listed Companies) or a Professional Diploma in Enterprise Directorship or Professional Diploma in any other equivalent programme organised by HKIoD, are entitled and encouraged to use the designation "PDipCD" after their names. The Professional Diploma further initiates the path to post-graduate degree programmes offered by allied universities. 

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