Training Courses

Series Certificate Programmes

Certificate Programme allows attendees the flexibility of selecting seminars from a defined schedule to suit individual circumstances. Each Certificate Programme is a composite of modules which can in turn qualify for multiple credits in the Credits Programme leading to a Diploma or Professional Diploma.

(1) Certificate on the Role of a Listed Company Director: This well subscribed series for directors in the listed-company consists of three seminars (6 hours) viz

(2) Certificate on the Role of an Independent Non-Executive Director: This series for Independent Non-Executive Directors consists of four seminars (8 hours) viz

(3) Certificate in Sustainability Leadership: This series for ESG strategies consists of four seminars (8 hours) viz

Two Compulsory Courses (4 hours)
1.     Climate Governance – the Why and How
2.     How Does “Environmental Social Governance” (ESG) Create Values for Company

Another 4 hours from any courses in HKIoD Sustainability Credits Programme timetable.

Each seminar can be attended as a stand-alone session, with a Certificate of Attendance presented upon completion.

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