The Handbook of International Corporate Governance


Benchmarks of "good" corporate governance can vary significantly between different countries. Now, at a time of considerable change in terms of legislative frameworks, as well as an ever-stronger spotlight on remuneration, board independence and audit transparency, understanding your duties, responsibilities and reliabilities as a director is key, particularly for those with cross-jurisdictional responsibilities.

Published by the Institute of Directors, The Handbook of International ,Corporate Governance, provides essential commentary on the key areas of governance.
Key topics include:
  • The development of laws, models and codes;
  • Board structures; Shareholder rights;
  • Disclosure and transparency;
  • Directors; and Executive pay and performance.

Country profiles:
USA, China, Japan, India, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, Hong Kong.

This book will be essential reading for anyone with an interest in corporate governance practice, the pace of change in governance-related legislation, or the future direction of disclosure and transparency issues.

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