Assisting Members in Pursuit of Professional Excellence

Professional directors need to upgrade their knowledge to prepare for appointment as a director.  Newly appointed directors require guidance and training.  Long-serving directors need to continually improve their director skills and keep up to date with all issues affecting their ability to fulfill their role.

HKIoD's development services and products are created by directors for directors.  They include:-
  • Training seminars covering a wide range of subjects such as:-

    - The Role of Company Director I: Legal & Regulatory Framework
    - The Role of Company Director II: Board Practices
    - Independent Non-Executive Directors: Role and Fulfillment
    - Risk Management
    - Finance for Directors
    - Internal Control
    - Strategic Assessment of Business Models

    Attending these training courses leads to a Certificate, Diploma or Professional Diploma, as appropriate.  The Professional Diploma further initiates the path to post-graduate degree programmes offered by allied universities.

    Among the training venues, The HKIoD Training Centre is situated in the Central District which is easily accessible by various means of transportation.

  • Directors' conferences with world-class leaders to share their experiences in company direction. 
  • Professional talks including expert analyses and presentations on director practices.
  • Publication of practical guidelines for directors.
  • Regular magazines, e-newsletters, study reports, position briefs, etc, to provide timely information on director practices.

Standards & Professionalism

HKIoD is committed to enhancing corporate governance standards.  Our strategic programmes aim to serve both members and the community at large.

In line with international trend, HKIoD has developed a Membership Accreditation Scheme to mandate, encourage and facilitate members to upgrade their knowledge.  The Scheme invokes collective action with self discipline whereby HKIoD members are required to uphold a Code of Conduct and engage in the practice of Continuing Professional Development.

To assist companies, policy makers and the public to identify ways to improve corporate governance policies, HKIoD organises the compilation of the Corporate Governance Scorecard regularly to assess the corporate governance practices of major companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

To recognise outstanding directors for excellence in corporate governance practices and to promote good corporate governance among the public, HKIoD's annual project of Directors Of The Year Awards continually generates community-wide impact and presents role models for benchmarking.

Commit, Consult, Contribute

HKIoD is committed to developing policies on corporate governance and director practices with the aim of making influential proposals to public policy makers and opinion formers.  HKIoD conducts regular consultations with members, followed by careful reviews to put forward consolidated considered opinions as a collective voice.
HKIoD is in regular contact with legislators, government, regulators, the business community and the media in order to foster effective communication.
In the spirit of service, HKIoD contributes by providing representatives to serve on the advisory structures of government, regulatory bodies and other professional groups.

Events & Networking

Membership of HKIoD offers opportunities to meet and network with fellow business leaders and senior executives from across all industry sectors.
HKIoD runs a host of events for members and their guests, including speaker luncheons and dinners.  These events feature talks by distinguished government and business leaders and authoritative scholars in addition to happy-hour networking sessions and informal outings.  In the major annual project of Directors Of The Year Awards, HKIoD is privileged to have a distinguished list of project partners and a gathering of dignitaries and guests to witness the presentation of Awards to very deserving and inspiring Awardees.
Mainland & International
HKIoD organises regular outreach delegations to the Mainland and overseas, visiting authorities and kindred organisations to extend goodwill, share experiences, exchange views, develop cooperation and maintain friendship.
As an independent body, HKIoD retains an affiliation with the Institute of Directors in the United Kingdom and kindred relationship with equivalent institutes in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Asian and African countries.  From time to time, international conferences are organised by these institutes, and members of HKIoD are welcome to participate in such worldwide assemblies.

HKIoD has been accredited as "Part of the IoD International Network".


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